The ABA Clinic -  Social, Behavioral and Educational Support for Children
The ABA Clinic Specializes in Utilizing the Technologies of Applied Behavior Analysis to teach Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities Social Skills, Academic and Learning Readiness and Play Skills.

The ABA Clinic utilizes Michelle Garcia Winner' Social Thinking®   concepts and is a Clinical Trainee of the Social Thinking Program
  • We Create Social Skills Groups for Children which are Carefully Structured to Provide the Most Meaningful Learning Experience for Each Child in Our Group.
  • We Offer School District Consultation Services and Provide the Most Current Scientifically Validated Information and Resources in the Field of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • We Provide In-Office and In-Situation Consultation Services Regarding Existing Home and School ABA Programs as well as Behavioral Consultation Services.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?
ABA is a scientific discipline based on over 50 years of published research.
 It targets both skill acquisition and reduction by employing both proactive and reactive strategies.
ABA reduces stereotypical and inappropriate behaviors and increases the likelihood of inclusion in the Least Restrictive Environment.
The application of ABA can increase on-task behavior, increase tolerance to risk of failure and can increase perseverence to on-going academic and attentional demands.  These skills are pivotal to academic success.
The Application of the Technologies of Applied Behavior Analysis can teach toy manipulation, leisure skills, play skills and social skills directly which increases opportunities to interact with peers successfully.
ABA targets goals which are socially significant to the learner.
A positive and nurturing environment is created to help all children reach their fullest potential!
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