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We will be offering the following Social Skills Groups this Fall 2017: 
Registration Begins July1, 2017 and Closes August 15, 2017:

Our groups will be offered Monday and Wednesday Afternoons between 
5:00-7:00. Groups run from September 10-December 11.  

Social Planners and Builders: A social skills group for participants ages 9-11 focusing on incorporating executive function skills into social situations. Executive function skills incorporate short and long term planning behaviors, impulse control and self-monitoring ability.  Social situations are often unexpected and require fluent independent  decision making skills as well as the ability to collaborate and communicate with peers. Our sessions will focus on goal setting behaviors within planned activities each week which require communication with peers in a fun and supportive setting. 

GG: Girls Group! Grades 5-8 become challenging and social cues become more nuanced.  Reading and analyzing the messages which come from social media and our peers while maintaining a healthy self-esteem to continue to make safe and healthy choices is not always easy.  Each week we will explore a "media message" as well as some potential responses to the message in an environment that promotes friendship, decision making skill building and generalizes the concept of hidden rules to improve the skill set in school and in the community. 

The Players: Turn taking, Joint Control and Attention and Sustained Socio- Dramatic Play Behaviors are the goals of this group for participants ages 5-8. Each week participants will be provided with a new activity to engage in with scaffolding to support emerging play behaviors and then will be provided with opportunities to practice for generalization.  

Teen Scene: This group will meet twice a month and focus on developing communication and interpersonal skills with other participants through organized activities and collaborative opportunities.  Participants will also discover what kind of social thinker they are: big picture or little details and will learn strategies to increase their success in relation to their social thinking style. 

Returning Friend Fee: $350.00
New Friend Fee: $400.00

50% deposit due at time of registration to hold placement. 

We create an environment which is FUN, supportive and goal oriented based upon the technologies of Applied Behavior Analysis and Social Thinking ®

 Please contact the office to set up an intial consultation for placement!
Our registration form is HERE!

Please feel free to contact us to join our email list or be added to a wait list for our social skills groups! 
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